What this is

This is a collection of experiments, where I explore using surrealism, words, sound, and animation to communicate ideas using technologies like WebGL, D3.js, React, and whatever else interests me. I'm sandboxing ways to break out of the rectangle, within the rectangle. Here is some of my recent software work...

Technical Portfolio

Resume visualization experiments


Who I am

I'm Valerie Asensio. ¶ I started out in tech, developing software on intense and interesting projects at GM (dealer systems), Kodak (ASIC firmware engineer), IBM (OS device driver dev) and Motorola (SoC firmware engineer). I then spent a lot of time romping around LAMP stack web development, content and publishing at a newsstand magazine called Ride Texas. I . ¶ After that business was acquired, I took a working sabbatical to develop Wishalizer.org , a non-profit web application to direct donations to animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries. ¶ I am lured by the attraction of visualizing data to tell stories, thus combining two things I love: storytelling, and using technology as a tool to communicate complicated ideas, simply. ¶ I do freelance software work. Mentor.

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